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Laser Hair Removal: Our Laser Hair Removal equipment is the best in the industry; a prominent and reliable name Palomar Starlux. With its advanced technology this state-of-the-art machinery permanently and painlessly removes unwanted hair from under-arms, face, neck, legs, bikini area, arms, chest and back. No unwanted hair, just smooth and clear skin within six to eight sessions.

Photo Rejuvenation: An exciting process that is designed to treat innumerable skin conditions including wrinkles, fine lines, red complexion, sun spots, age spots, Rosacea, spider veins, capillaries, large pores etc. Our qualified and well-trained staff makes each session more enjoyable and safe to give you a blemish free, smoother, more evenly toned and younger looking skin. This procedure can be safely used on the face, neck, chest, arms and hands and is a soft, gentle and fast method of treatment.

Electrolysis: Our electrolysis treatments are administered by experts with the use of the latest and best equipment. We have 100% satisfactory results with no permanent side effects or scarring.

Microdermabrasion: Get a smoother, fresher and younger looking skin with our popular skin rejuvenating procedure that is designed to effectively repair acne affected akin, age spots or sun spots, black/white heads and general exfoliation. This treatment stimulates circulation and blood flow, encourages collagen and elastin production and necessitates skin recovery in no time at all.

Chemical Peel: Excessive build-up dead skin cells can clog pores and give birth to a number of skin diseases. Give your skin a younger, firmer and fresher look by improving the texture of your skin with our very special chemical peel treatment. A revolutionary way to effectively reduce signs of ageing and blemishes, treat scars, fine lines or wrinkles, freckles or uneven skin.


Facials: We provide outstanding and customized skin facials programs to keep you skin looking fresh, young and radiant for years. We take care to provide individual skin care services for each client. Our facial sittings only begin after proper analysis and consultation with our beauty experts. Every service includes cleansing, extraction, relaxing facial massage and the appropriate masque. Our wide array of professional facials includes:

  • - European Facial
  • - Whitening Facial
  • - Aloe Vera Facial
  • - White Tea Facial
  • - Dehydrated Facial
  • - Anti Aging Facial
  • - Acne Facial
  • - Back Facial
  • - Facial Bleach
  • Threading: Threading is a precise technique that helps hair to grow back much finer and slower. A clean and painless way to remove unwanted facial hair the clean and painless way!

    Waxing: Remove unwanted hair from different parts of your body with our waxing services! Our well-trained and efficient staff performs each waxing session with ease to give maximum comfort and least pain. We use wax that has been specially created in our salon and is safe and very effective.

    Manicure/Pedicure: Turn back the hands of time with amazing and effectual manicure and pedicure services from our experts. Make your hands and feet look cleaner, more beautiful and attractive.

    Massage: The main purpose of an effective body massage is to relax the whole body, increase oxygen flow and release toxins from the body. Let our expert staff work their way through all your pressure points and help detoxify, relax and de-stress your whole body. Our specialization includes:

  • - Half Hour Back Massage
  • - One Hour Full Body Massage
  • - Swedish Massage
  • - Head Massage
  • - Hot Stone Massage
  • - Aroma Therapy Massage
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